Ron and June Shaw

Our Best Adventures

Home, sweet home in Orlando, Florida


Welcome to our website. We have been retired since 1997.  We live in Orlando, Florida.  We have two pet birds - a pair of cockatiels named Elvis and Polly.  They are low-maintenance pets, and that's fine for now.  One of these days, Ron would like to adopt a golden retriever. 

After we retired,  we traveled around the country for quite a few summers and we have taken a lot of pictures along the way.  We will be adding more of our travel pictures to our site as time allows.   (Very busy being retired, you know!)

Here is a link to our albums on Shutterfly

Below is a picture of Ron's '84 300ZX, which he is in the process of restoring.  We bought it new in Santa Barbara, long ago and far away....

Ron's Z

Here's our weather today....

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